It is a block made of the corrugated cardboard paper that is large, light, strong and safe.

We, FIVEFORCE LTD., are putting this safe and large-scale play block, that Mr. Mochizuki, a professor of the healthy
medical faculty at Teikyo University planned and developed about thirty years ago. He also is a professor emeritus
at Tokyo University of Arts.

"Corrugated cardboard block" is a product to be able to recycle the resource without uselessness, because the cardboard
consists of recycled paper.

The concept is "Let's play in large, in the room!" In one's early childhood, children want such play, "they enter into
the quite different world." Moreover, it is expected as a useful commodity for the senior citizen's nursing prevention.

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Garfunkel is a memory test game, which can train user ability to memory a series of numbers up to 20.
The unit has 3 games, user can select memory test.
(1) add new number with same pattern.
(2) add new number with different pattern.
(3) fixed length of number digit for testing, user can start to memory test from digit of 1 numer up to 9.

* Batteries: 2 x AAA (INCLUDED)
* Package Size: W52 x H120 x D17 mm
NoDescriptionSize(mm)Bar CodeRetail Price
007Garfunkel(Metalic Pink)W52xH120xD174582256900076\1,800
008Garfunkel(Metalic Green)W52xH120xD174582256900083\1,800
009Garfunkel(Metalic Blue)W52xH120xD174582256900090\1,800

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* Frequency: AM(530 - 1,600 KHz)/FM(76 - 90 MHz)、Batteties: 2 x AA (NOT INCLUDED)
* Package Box: W185 x D88 x H162 mm
NoDescription(Year, Country)Size(mm)Bar CodeP/URetail Price
N-301Philips 830A (1932, Hollanda)W90xD55xH115488500423301312\2,000
N-307Geleso26G48 (1954, Italy)W134xD60xH83488500423307512\2,000
N-318Radiomarelli Vertumno U (1934, Italy)W130xD57xH90488500423318112\2,000
N-319Allocchio Bacchuni 53 (1933, Italy)W107xD52xH117488500423319812\2,000
N-335Imca IF 51 "Nicoletta" (1951, Italy)W134xD58xH80488500423335812\2,000
N-338Schaub Super 229/U (1937, Germany)W120xD55xH102488500423338912\2,000

Philips 830A
Radiomarelli Vertumno U
Allocchio Bacchuni 53
Imca IF 51 "Nicoletta"
Schaub Super 229/U

Buttons light up in a pattern. Press the buttons in the same pattern order to test your memory.
Press center button to activate unit. The next button that lights up is the next button to press.
Every time you press the buttons in the correct order, a new button is added. Pressing the wrong button will end game.
There are 2 levels of play. Select level 1 or 2 on back.
NoDescriptionSize(mm)Bar CodeP/URetail Price
001Egg 4 (Red)W75xH53xD22458225590001472(inner 24)\500
002Egg 4 (Blue)W75xH53xD22458225590002172(inner 24)\500
Batteries: 3 x LR44 (INCLUDED)
Package Size: W83 x H145 x D27 mm

To solve the puzzles, fill in the grid so that every column, and every box contains the digits 1 through 9.
There should be only one of each number in each row, column, and box.
Avoid the temptation to guess, it could easily lead you astray. Solution times vary.
There are 5 levels including 100 puzzles each. (500 puzzles in total)
NoDescriptionSize(mm)Bar CodeP/URetail Price
003IQ Mobile (Orange)W52xH120xD17458225690003848(inner 24)\1,000
004IQ Mobile (Green)W52xH120xD17458225690004548(inner 24)\1,000
005IQ Mobile (Black)W52xH120xD17458225690005248(inner 24)\1,000
Batteries: 2 x AAA (INCLUDED)
Package Size: W52 x H120 x D17 mm

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